Bridge-it Housing UK Mission Statement

Bridge-It Housing provides housing and support to families, single males and females. We do not discriminate by race, colour or religion and see each client as an individual, a human being, with the ability to, with the right support, turn their life around.

We work to ensure that all our clients have as much respect, dignity, independence, choice and control over their own lives as possible.

Empowerment is an important part of how we work. By empowerment we mean building the capacity of people who have experienced homelessness to feel that they are part of our society, regain control of their lives and become more confident about participating in decisions that affect their future.

We work to foster an environment in which clients take responsibility for their own tasks and actions and learn to respect each other as individuals.

bridgeit housing

Mission Statement

We believe our support should give each client, no matter their background or issues, the opportunity to make a fresh start, progress to a more independent lifestyle, develop social networks beyond our scheme and re-integrate with their local communities.

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